What’s In Our Easter Basket

by brandiann

“Egg-Stra” Cute Easter Basket Ideas

Egg hunts, gobs of chocolate and frilly dresses are just a few of the memories I have of Easter as a child, and of course Church. Can’t forget that! I would eagerly look forward to that basket filled with fake, plastic grass and ‘”egg-cellent” goodies awaiting for me on Easter morning.

Now that I’m a mother, I am honored to carry on the Easer Bunny tradition! Last year, my daughter was only a few months old and we couldn’t really celebrate with an Easter egg hunt (she was too busy blowing raspberries and sleeping). This year, will be much different! Now that my little cub has discovered her running legs. She will be peaked with excitement to find all the eggs we hide for her during our hunt this year!

I’m sharing her basket with you – hopefully I can give some of you, procrastinators, some last minute ideas – HA!

What’s In Our Basket

Here’s a flat lay of all the items – Swooning over all of them!

Most of these items I found in the “dollar” section as you first walk into Target. I place dollar in quotes because although many of the items are just priced at $1, of course they have to throw in some irresistible items for $3. Somehow those always end up in my cart – Go figure!



Bunny Fairy

OKAY – really?! I mean how cute is this Bunny Fairy?! Perfect for any little girl! From the shimmery iridescent wings to the pom pom toes, this bunny is sure to bring a smile to your little bunny’s face!

Found this in Targets dollar section it was $3

Easter Themed Bouncy Balls

My little one loves playing with bouncy balls. When I saw these I knew she was going to have so much fun with them. They have a little carrot in one, and an egg in the other, and they’re filled with glitter! Glitter = win 🙂

Found this in Targets dollar section it was $1 per ball

Cutest Bunny Head Band

These pink lace bunny ears are the perfect prop for photos with the Easter bunny!

Found this in Targets dollar section it was $3


Glitter Bunny Purse

I saw this adorable glitter purse and just had to get it for her! It’s definitely a little old for her, but I couldn’t pass up this cute find. PSA: If you see something you like in the Target “dollar” section – GET IT! It’ll be gone the next time!

Found this in Targets dollar section it was $3


Mini Coloring Pages

Kids love coloring – at least I did when I was little! It was something that gave me great joy! Now I can share in that joy with my little one! These mini coloring pages come with non-toxic markers that only color on the pages! YESSSS – no more mess!

Found this at Walmart it was $5

easter-basket-7 easter-basket-8-2

Art Felt-Folio

When I saw this, I instantly fell in love! Look at the cutest little Bunny portfolio! I think this would be great for eating out or even at home. The portfolio comes with 6 crayons that fit snuggly in their little compartments and a pad of paper!

Found this in Targets dollar section it was $5


Super Cute Sunnies

Spring and Summer time mean more sunny days! Protect your little ones eyes with a cute pair of sunglasses! My little bunny is always trying to take mine, so now she’ll have some of her own! Since they’re only $1 I don’t mind if she’s not gentle!

Found this in Targets dollar section it was $1 per pair


Quacktastic Furry Friend

Stuffed animals are always a great basket filler! Soft and cute little friends to bring a smile to your kiddos face! My 16 month old currently loves ducks and she is always quacking!

Found this at the Dollar Store it was $1


Healthy & Delicious Snack

Guys! I recently discovered these 100% real fruit roll snacks from the UK, that has recently made its way over to the USA! They come in four delicious flavors: Raspberry, Strawberry, Mando and Apple! How cute is the colorful packaging?! Oh and I have to admit, I love this snack as much as my little one!

You can find where they carry these snacks here: Bear Nibbles Snacks

Found this at a local store for $5


I would love to see what’s in your Easter Baskets! Send me a link in the comments below or comment if you used any of the same items I used!




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