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by brandiann

One thing about living at the beach, especially during the summer season, you better have these two must-have items on hand: Sunscreen & Leave-in Conditioner! My family has been making the switch from chemically-ridden products to natural ones! When TotLogic contacted me about test driving their products, I was thrilled! TotLogic falls in line with the safe products we’re trying to adhere to.

TotLogic takes the guess work away by listing that their products are free of phthalates, parabens, sulfates! I recently posted a review that illustrated the dangers of such ingredients and why it’s important to make the switch to natural products today! For one, our skin is the largest organ in the body. That means everything we slather on it, penetrates inside us and can potentially harm us!


Why choose paraben, sulphate and phthalate free?

Parabens are preservatives found in many of our beauty products. What makes them dangerous is they mimic estrogen and cause breast cancer. If that doesn’t make you want to stop using items that contain them, I don’t know what will! I hear the word cancer and I pay attention. Sulfates on the other hand is a cleaning agent that works well in breaking down oil and dirt, but they also strip your skin of their natural oils that work as a protection on the skins barrier. Lastly, phthalates contains endocrine which have hormone-disrupting effects and interfere with the males hormone causing all kinds of health issues.

What is TotLogic?

TotLogic was born from founder, Jill Taft, whose first born was dealing with some pesky head lice. She scoured the markets looking for a safe and non-toxic way to treat her daughters ailments. This hunt researching safe alternatives lead her to create an entire company founded on the principals of transparency and non-toxic family-friendly products. Logic Products are all made using plant and mineral derived ingredients right here in the U.S.A.. Their product lines include: BarkLogic, LiceLogic, TotLogic and Natural HomeLogic and are available nationwide. I love that their motto is guaranteeing safe products so we can all focus on what’s important, family!

TotLogic2 TotLogic3

Our Opinion

We tried the TotLogic sunscreen first! This mineral based sunscreen – non-nano, hypoallergenic, and has no paba, parabens, or phthalates and can be used on the face and body. The best part it is water and sweat resistant for up to 80 minutes and safe for coral reefs! I was pleased with both the scent and non-greasy feel when I was applying to my daughter!  It provided awesome protection when we spent the day at the beach.

I personally loved the leave-in conditioner! When I left the beach my hair was a salty and windy mess! TotLogic’s leave-in conditioner helped detangle the strands, tame my frizz and reduced the appearance of fly-aways. Most leave-in conditioners are heavy and give a greasy appearance while adding weight. I felt that it did not do that, but made my hair soft and more manageable!

Where Can I Buy It?

You can purchase any LogicProducts by CLICKING HERE

Have you tried LogicProducts?


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