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Date Night in the Comfort of your Home

Don’t ever say that romance is dead. Thanks to companies like Happily Boxes you can keep your relationship spicy and interesting without even leaving the house! As a mother of two it’s difficult getting out-and-about for date nights. My husband and I have come to really appreciate and love these little boxes by Happily.

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Happily Date Box Coupon

A date experience, planned, picked, & delivered just for you.

Relationships certainly have their moments of highs and lows. When you’ve been in a relationship for many years it is easy to forget about what brought the two of you together in the first place. Whether it’s the daily grind of working, keeping up with the house or raising kids there are times when we put our romantic relationship on the back burner. That certainly has to change! Relationships need to be fostered and cared for and neglecting them can have devastating results.

Happily Boxes make it easy to reconnect with your loved one through monthly or one-time box purchases that come with everything you need to have a fantastic time reconnecting with each other.

What are Happily Boxes?

Happily Boxes offers creative date ideas to do at home! These pre-planned boxes are such a great solution for an at-home experience with a loved one! For as little as $20*, you can experience a night of connecting without reservations or having to leave a tip!

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Happily Date Box Coupon

What’s Inside the Box

  • Custom Playlist 
  • Conversation Starters
  • Love Language Challenge
  • Seed Art Set
  • Can You Guess it?

Happily Date Box Coupon

Date Itinerary

We started the evening with some wine, cheese and crackers and turned on the handy Spotify playlist that comes with the date box. They had a lot of great songs and we enjoyed not having to have to figure out what to listen to. It also definitely helped set the mood and tone of the night.

The first thing we did from the date box was the Seed Art. Both my husband and I are creative souls so this activity was spot on for us. We enjoyed the conversation starter questions that got us conversing about topics we don’t usually talk about all while creating masterpieces.

Happily Date Box Coupon

The date box did require us to use a few items of our own so we grabbed a few sheets of paper and some pens for the next part of the date which was the “Can you guess it?” Game.

The game came with a list of questions that you throw into a bowl and take turns drawing. It was so fun seeing how well we really knew each other and which questions we got right and wrong.

Last part of the date night included The “How I Feel Loved” Challenge. I really think it is so important to understand how your partners feels most loved. Happily created a short quiz to help determine you and your partners “Love Language”. In the kit they have challenges that correspond with the particular language your partner needs. These challenges are to be done weekly for the month. I thought it was a great way of connecting and we both loved it.

Happily Date Box Coupon

Package Options


  • $20.00 / per date

3 Month

  • $18.49 / per date

6 Month

  • $16.49 / per date

Our Opinion

One of my biggest challenges is coming up with new and innovative ideas to keep the romance alive in my marriage. Thankfully we found Happily Boxes which removes the stress of having to come up with ideas. Their boxes are thoughtfully put together and has been a great way for my husband and I to stay connected.

Every month we look forward to what activities are going to be inside. Let Happily take the planning pressures away! Sign up for a date in a box subscription so that you can grab the date in a box at your convenience.

Happily Date Box Coupon

Do you and your partner need a Date Night?!

Plan your next date today!

Every month, Happily Boxes  sends you a date filled with unique, fun, and spontaneous date night items, ideas, and activities, all aimed to help you create a moment every month that will last forever! Each month has a new theme to add variety and spice to your life! Life gets crazy busy and finding time to invest in your relationship can slowly sink to the bottom of your “to-do” list. With Happily Boxes they make it stress-free, kid-free, fun and most importantly memorable.


Happily Date Box Coupon

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