St. Patrick’s Day Games for Kids

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by brandiann
St. Patrick's Day Kids Games


Do your kids love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? Are you always trying to come up with something fun to do? With St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow I have put together some free Printable’s just for you with some Leprechaun Fun for the whole family.


Lucky Dice game

St. Patrick's Day Dice Game


Grab Your Dice

You start this gave with three pieces of Chocolate Candy*. Place the remaining pieces into the center. Take turns rolling the dice. First person to get 10 pieces wins!  (*you can substitute for other items)

Lucky Bingo Game

St. Patrick's Day Bingo Games St. Patrick's Day Bingo Games


Who’s Ready for some Lucky Leprechaun Bingo?!

Using the blank bingo card print out as many copies as players. Proceed to print all the game pieces, cut out the pieces and have everyone randomly place pieces onto their blank board. Make sure to print and extra copy for the Caller. Have the Caller throw their pieces into a Leprechaun Hat (or bowl) and draw the square. When the Caller calls your square remove your piece and set to the side. Once you have removed 5 squares in a row or diagonally shout “BINGO”. Have the caller check against their called out pieces.



Scavenger Hunt

St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt


Love a Scavenger Hunt? Great! We’ve put a St. Patrick’s Day one together just for you!

Print out the Scavenger Hunt for all the players. Have fun hunting!!

I hope you have so much fun with the FREE PRINTABLES I designed and put together for you and your kiddos! Enjoy and HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!
What are you plans for St. Patrick’s Day?

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