Sooth scratchy throats with Ameo Life’s silver-infused lozenges

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ameo life lozenges

With Father Winter right around the corner, it might be wise to restock your immune-boosting and seasonal bug-fighting arsenal with products that are safe, effective and best of all, great tasting.

Every health and wellness line of defense should include an oral product that not only delivers relief for common ailments like indigestion, cough and congestion, or an irritated throat, but that also tastes natural and delicious at the same time.

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Silver-infused throat lozenges

Ameo Life offers a line of silver-infused products designed to support the body using only the finest natural ingredients. There are no toxins, fillers or preservatives, and all their products are third-party laboratory tested to ensure quality and efficacy. Silver has been touted as an effective immune support supplement that offers the ability to fight bacteria, viruses, and skin infections, as well as reduce inflammation.

The company’s silver-infused lozenges are a great way to support oral/throat health as fall fades into winter, a transition that typically brings cooler temperatures and an increase in wintertime illnesses that may result in dry nasal passages, scratchy throats and upset stomachs.

The ability to gargle silver long enough to reap its long-lasting benefits is difficult to say the least. You’d have to maintain contact in the mouth for at least six minutes. Popping a lozenge and allowing it to melt in your mouth anywhere from six to 10 minutes maximizes silver’s immune-supporting potential. With an array of flavors available, capitalizing on silver’s health and wellness benefits using throat-soothing lozenges has never been easier or more enjoyable.

No toxins, preservations or chemicals

Reading labels is important to your overall wellbeing, especially if you’re concerned about ingesting inorganic ingredients and fillers like FD&C blue 2, FD&C red 40, and artificial flavors and sweeteners. More and more consumers demand products that are produced organically free of toxins, preservatives and chemicals.

Ameo Life’s throat-soothing lozenges are created using the finest natural ingredients. Each individually wrapped lozenge contains a full teaspoon of the company’s Triple pH Balanced Silver Solution.


Ginger Spice

The ginger plant is the star of this lozenge, which packs a powerful punch of zing and zip thanks to the infusion of ginger essential oil and cayenne powder. Ginger oil aids in digestion and ginger powder is loaded with antioxidants. When combined with cayenne pepper, which contains powerful antioxidant properties as well, the lozenge stands up as a powerhouse for supporting the digestive system. Cayenne pepper also contains Vitamin C, B6 and E, as well as potassium and manganese, all of which aid in digestion.

The natural sweetness is achieved using organic cane sugar, which is less processed than regular sugar, and organic brown rice syrup, made by cooking whole-grain rice, then using enzymes to break down the starch into the natural sugar with a minimum amount of glucose.


Green Apple

You’ve heard the age-old cliché, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This tasty lozenge is perfect for adding fiber via pectin found in green apples, which helps promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut. Pectin naturally helps break down foods more efficiently and acts as a natural prebiotic. A healthier you translates to less visits to the doctor and these green apple-flavored lozenges make a great supplement.
Ameo Life also uses organic cane sugar and organic brown rice syrup to add natural sweetness to these lozenges.

Honey Lemon

There’s nothing like the combination of honey and lemon to soothe a scratchy throat. Ameo Life’s Honey Lemon lozenges are made with honey produced from the pollen of organically grown plants without chemicals or preservatives. The honey is harvested naturally in a process that respects the ecosystem and helps support the health of bees. When used in combination with lemon, which is known for its purifying properties, the result is a lozenge that aids in digestion and supports healthy respiratory function.

Sugar Free Lemon Lozenges

Lemon lovers will appreciate this lozenge flavor that transports you back to the neighborhood lemonade stand of your childhood. Infused with lemon oil for its purifying properties and monk fruit for its intense sweetness without affecting the glycemic load so many diabetics and keto followers are concerned with, these sugar-free lozenges are designed to aid in digestion as well as support a healthy respiratory system.

Sweet Menthol

When you need something to sooth and cool your respiratory tract and promote a feeling of clearer breathing, the Sweet Menthol lozenges are a great go-to. Menthol is one of the oldest known terpene compounds, known to support the digestive system as well as deliver relief for respiratory function. These lozenges are also infused with natural mango for a punch of Vitamin A, E, K and C. Mango is also rich in beta-carotene, an antioxidant shown to help combat free radicals in the body. Organic sugar cane and organic brown rice syrup sweeten the lot.

Tropical Orange

Give your immune system a boost with Ameo Life’s Tropical Orange Silver Lozenges. These flavor-filled morsels are made with natural orange, which contains limonene, and blood orange, which contains a powerhouse of antioxidants and polyphenols for promoting healthy immune system support. Blood oranges are also rich in Vitamin C and A, potassium, manganese, antioxidants and dietary fiber. For added sweetness, organic cane sugar and organic brown rice syrup are used.


Wild Cherry

A customer favorite, these lozenges wake up your taste buds with an explosion of wild-cherry flavor. Wild cherries contain a high presence of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and lipids. They’re also packed with phytonutrients and flavonoids like quercetin, all of which support healthy immune system function. Organic cane sugar and organic brown rice syrup add sweetness to these delectable lozenges.

The Collection

Depending on which flavor you choose, you can purchase lozenges in 20-, 40- or 100-count, ranging in price from $9.95 to $44.95. There’s also a 100-count variety pack available for $44.95.

Final thoughts

Nothing soothes a scratchy dry throat or an upset stomach more than a lozenge. And knowing what you use to support throat and oral health is natural, safe and great tasting adds another level of comfort to your protocol for finding relief when Father Winter comes calling with cooler temperatures, respiratory irritants and stomach bugs.
Ameo Life’s silver-infused lozenges will have a place in my health and wellness stash as the new season unfolds. The array of options for digestion, respiratory and immune health plus the diverse flavors make these throat-soothing lozenges a smart choice for me and my family.



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Gretchen Miller October 4, 2023 - 6:27 pm

At work and a friend gave me a few cough drops and they really helped me tonight.10/4/ 23

brandiann October 14, 2023 - 11:21 pm

I’m so glad they’re working great for you! Thanks for sharing your experience!


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