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remind tutoring

Is your son or daughter struggling with math schoolwork? If so, your child could benefit from the help of a certified mathematics tutor with real-classroom experience.

Research by the Council of Learning Assistance and Development Education Associations shows one-on-one tutoring can help improve a student’s performance and overall success in the classroom. Not only does working with a tutor enhance learning, but it boosts a student’s self-confidence, improves their organizational skills and creates a comfortability between tutor and student that’s conducive to a less stressful learning environment.

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Remind Tutoring employs certified math teachers

Remind Tutoring, a new coaching program that caters to 2nd through 12th graders, employs certified math teachers with classroom experience. The tutoring service is being offered by Remind, a leading communication platform in education. More than 60 percent of U.S. teachers use Remind to communicate with parents via Chat and more than 80 percent of U.S. public schools use the communication platform in some form or fashion.

How it works

At Remind Tutoring, students work one-on-one with a certified teacher who is skilled in mathematics. Through video-based sessions, which includes interactive whiteboarding, a student can ask questions and work through problems in real time with their tutor.

The program works with parents to identify the challenge areas that need immediate attention. A schedule is crafted, goals are set, and the one-on-one sessions commence.

What to expect

At the first tutoring session, the student will connect with his or her coach through Remind Chat. At that session, the student will share homework examples and other details that help the tutor learn more about them. The tutor will also discuss the subject area, set goals and provide a level assessment if necessary. Parents are encouraged to attend the beginning and end of each session to help set goals and monitor the student’s progress.

After each session, the tutor will share a summary about the student’s strengths and growth, provide tips for review and distribute other resource material.

In addition to measuring progress based on goals set for each session, the tutor will track the student’s overall critical learning skills and knowledge of the subject matter presented. That information will be shared with the parent.

The first 40-minute session is free, and then $40 for subsequent sessions going forward. Students can choose a weekly time to meet a tutor once a week or as often as needed. There are no contracts and it is easy to cancel your upcoming session.

On the road to success

The advantages of personalized coaching:

  • When a student is given one-one-one attention outside of a large classroom setting, learning is easier and more enjoyable, research shows.
  • Personalized instruction can be geared to the student, who might fail to grasp the material at the time it’s presented to the class as a whole but with a tutor can engage more easily with questions that lead to better comprehension.
  • Tutors can provide reinforcement, which has been shown to yield positive results. Rewarding a struggling student with positive reinforcement can make learning more attractive.
  • A tutor can identify a student’s learning style and teach accordingly, making it more relatable and digestible.

You can reap the benefits of personalized coaching for your student at Remind Tutoring, which uses certified math teachers with real-classroom experience. The results: improved grades, elevated academic performance and increased self-esteem. Get your student on a course for success. Remind can connect your student to the right people and resources they need to succeed.

If you are a math teacher interested in tutoring for Remind, you can find more information here: Tutor with Remind.


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