Rejuva Minerals : Custom Makeup Kit Review

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Rejuva Minerals Natural and Organic Makeup

A little makeup goes a long way

Nothing makes me feel more beautiful than when I’m wearing a new rosy blush or defining mascara. Hello lashes! Have you ever heard of the “lipstick effect?” Until recently, I hadn’t either, but there is a psychological phenomenon where individuals experience a confidence boost, feeling more physically attractive, when wearing makeup. I think everyone could use a boost every now and then, especially stay-at-home moms, like myself.

Ever since becoming a mother, using natural products has been on my radar and my preference MO. With your skin being the largest organ on your body, I find it imperative to pay attention to what goes on my body (and inside for that matter). A company called Rejuva Minerals contacted me about trying out their custom toxin-free makeup kit. After researching that they are a chemical-free makeup brand that offers natural products, many of them organic, I couldn’t resist!

I received this product for free to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.


About Rejuva Minerals

Formed in 2006, Rejuva Minerals is an environmentally aware company that offers an extensive selection of EWG VERIFIED™ and MADE SAFE® Certified products. Their non-toxic cosmetics with natural and organic ingredients are made for everyone, especially those who have sensitive skin.

I was impressed with the fact they have earned a “clean” rating, one of the few companies to receive such a rating from the Think Dirty app. I use this app all the time; it’s a great resource when checking out brands! Rejuva Minerals offers one of the largest collections of titanium-dioxide and mica-free makeup and skin care.

You can find the ingredients, titanium dioxide and mica, present in many cosmetic makeups and sunscreens. What makes it so dangerous is it can be considered a possible carcinogen when inhaled. Products that contain titanium dioxide, like blushes, eyeshadows and loose powders, present the opportunity to inhale such particles. There aren’t many titanium-dioxide or mica-free products on the market, but I can breathe a sigh of relief (quite literally) in knowing that Rejuva Minerals doesn’t have products that contain this potentially harmful ingredient.

Rejuva Minerals Natural and Organic Makeup

What’s in the Bag?

Rejuva Minerals offers a Custom Face Kit made up of naturally derived makeup. This Custom starter kit creates the perfect natural look, and it’s all bundled in the cutest purse-size cosmetic bag. With a retail value up to $114, the bag is currently on sale for only $59.95, and it’s packed with seven awesome products.


Mega Lash Mascara – Midnight
One 2.8 gm. Natural Look Pressed Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer in your choice of color
Two 2.8 gm. Multi Purpose Pressed Powder Eyes or Cheeks
One Pur’ Lips Lipstick
One brush from their top sellers list
Luxe Cosmetic Bag in Rose Gold

After using their Custom Kit, I’m excited to share with you my thoughts on “What’s in the Bag”? For starters, I thought the packaging was gorgeous. They say looks can kill, and they are certainly killing it in the packaging and design department. I’m a huge fan of the rose gold bag!

Rejuva Minerals Natural and Organic Makeup Rejuva Minerals Natural and Organic Makeup Rejuva Minerals Natural and Organic Makeup

Mega Lash Mascara in Midnight

We all want long, lush lashes that make our eyes pop, but only the best mascaras can get the job done. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with the best lashes to begin with. I was pleased their Mega Lash applicator allows you to reach the roots of the lashes easily and comb them through in nearly one sweep. I did use a few coats to enhance my lashes and I was happy with the results. My mascara lasted all day without a touch-up and didn’t clump or flake.

Rejuva Minerals Natural and Organic Makeup Rejuva Minerals Natural and Organic MakeupRejuva Minerals Natural and Organic Makeup

Natural Look Pressed Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer

I opted to try the Tinted Moisturizer since I had never tried one before. This moisturizer had a lightweight formula that hydrated my skin amazingly well and offered sheer coverage. Because I’m not used to the dewy appearance, Rejuva Minerals powder concealer of foundation provides added coverage without feeling heavy. As someone who has skin on the drier side, this vegan moisturizer, with naturally derived and organic ingredients, hydrated my skin and provided a more even-toned complexion. All of the shades they offer are EWG VERIFIED™, as well as, non-nano zinc oxide, paraben, gluten, soy, titanium-dioxide and mica-free.

Rejuva Minerals Natural and Organic Makeup Rejuva Minerals Natural and Organic Makeup Rejuva Minerals Natural and Organic MakeupRejuva Minerals Natural and Organic Makeup
Choice of Two Multi Purpose Pressed Powder : Papaya & Iris

For my blush color, I chose Papaya. It gave me the most natural looking pink flush, with just a hint of dimension to brighten up my complexion. This blush is so pretty and it makes your cheeks look radiant with subtle color.

For my eye shadow, I chose the Iris pigment and I was pleased with the quality of the saturation of the pigments. It went on flawlessly, and I could easily build it up to create a more dramatic effecr. I thought the color especially defined my eyes.

Available in 10 gently formulated shades with finishes ranging from sheer to satin, all of their shades are EWG VERIFIED™. Their blushes and shadows are vegan, talc free and comprised of naturally derived and organic ingredients.

Rejuva Minerals Natural and Organic Makeup Rejuva Minerals Natural and Organic MakeupOne Pur’ Lips Lipstick of Choice : Plum Punch

Colored with only minerals and fruit, this lipstick went on smooth and lasted all day. All of the shades Rejuva Minerals offers are EWG VERIFIED™ with 61.65% Certified Organic ingredients. I thought the Plum Punch was such a gorgeous color. This moisturizing lip stick is vegan, with no carmine or animal byproducts, as well as no FD&C dyes or synthetic preservatives.

Rejuva Minerals Natural and Organic Makeup Rejuva Minerals Natural and Organic Makeup

Brush of Choice: High Def Buki Brush

Made of vegan-friendly synthetic hair, this round brush, manufactured in the USA, is comprised of dense fibers. These soft bristles are perfect for sensitive skin and create a flawless, high definition finish. I loved how it easily applied my blush.

My Opinion

After using all the Rejuva Minerals products, I honestly loved them all. I lucked out and chose colors that went perfect with my skin tone. I was a huge fan of the Papaya Pressed Powder and the High Def Buki Brush. I’ve always had issues with my brushes not holding the pigment while applying, but the Buki Brush was awesome and gave me no issues. My finished look was natural and not overly done; the perfect casual look. For a more dramatic appearance, it’s as easy as applying a darker eyeshadow and layering it dimensionally in the outer eye-lid crease. The same effect can be done with eyeliner; lining the lower and upper lids for that dramatic finish.

Highly recommend Rejuva Minerals for product quality, especially since they are conscience with non-toxic standards, using natural and organic ingredients.

Rejuva Minerals Natural and Organic Makeup Rejuva Minerals Natural and Organic Makeup

Where to Purchase

Wanna try it out for yourself? Click here to purchase the same kit

You can save 15% by using “MOMMA” in the checkout (exp. 10-15-19)

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What are your favorite makeup items?


Disclaimer:  I was given the products in this post for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.

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