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Have you every heard the saying “walk in someone else’s shoes?” That’s easy to say until you realize you don’t have the same feet or foot problems.

That’s where Orthofeet come in. Orthofeet was developed by podiatrists and biomechanics engineers to address 20+ mobility issues and foot conditions. Orthofeet alleviates conditions that include Plantar Fasciitis, heel and foot pain, bunions, corns, calluses and neuroma, and products for individuals with diabetes, arthritis, construction and food service. 

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About Orthofeet

Orthofeet is doctor recommended and has over 125k 5-star reviews. Orthofeet offers shoes for everyday life in professional settings like healthcare, construction and food service.
From customizable support and pressure-free fit to easy-opening closures, Orthofeet delivers relief and protection to stay active for all kinds of feet!

Whether you have issues with fit, sensitivity, feeling or problems reaching your feet, Orthofeet uses advanced therapeutic materials and an Ortho-Cushion System to help their customers gain greater mobility and foot health.
Orthofeet is dedicated to keeping their customers active and pain free, even offering a 60-day wear test guarantee and highly rated customer service.

Orthofeet Women’s Winter Boot Review

It can be challenging to find the right footwear. I was excited to give the Orthofeet Winter Boots a try as I have had issues with arch support in the past wearing other boots.

The first thing I immediately noticed after putting them on were how comfortable and lightweight the OrthoFeet Boots were. These boots provide excellent medial lateral stability which helps stabilize the ankles without restricting motion while walking.

orthofeet orthofeet

Designed with advanced athletic shoe technology, Orthofeet Boots enhance comfort when you walk in them and you feel like you’re walking in your sneakers, not boots. 

The Orthofeet Boots come with premium orthotic insoles that provide anatomical arch support and cushioning for the entire foot. Along the heel there is a pad which is made of a soft foam that acts like a trampoline that helps absorb impact and provides cushioned support. I did feel as though my heel was cushioned with a cloud. One of the draws to Orthofeet Boots are as you wear them they begin to conform to the shape of your foot so you have customized support. 

Those needing additional arch support, like me, can use Orthofeet’s arch booster. This can be placed underneath the orthotic insole. To add in this arch booster you have to remove the orthotic insole and place the arch booster all the way in the back of the shoe and replace the orthotic insole on top. This arch booster helps people with issues of over pronation, flat feet and anyone who may suffer from conditions such as plantar fasciitis, heel pain, arch pain, metatarsalgia or ball of foot pain.


Key Features

  • Warm Lining: The boots are lined with a soft, faux fur interior on the insole and on the footbed that helps keep your feet warm and protects sensitive feet. 
  • Nice Design: Made with a supple suede the interior uses a soft fabric, padded with foam and complete with a smooth design which is seam free in the forefoot area providing excellent protection.
  • Waterproof: Winter conditions often involve snow and slush and the uppers use a water repellent leather that help to keep your feet dry.
  • Traction: This boot features a non-slip sole with a tread designed for icy and snowy surfaces.
  • Closure System: The adjustable two strap closures, provide a customizable fit and better insulation by preventing cold air from entering. This closure provides maximum adjustability and makes for easy on/off.
  • Wide Toe-Box: Designed with a wide toe box allows for free toe movement and helps alleviate pressure on bunions and hammer toes.

Where to find them:

The style I am wearing are the Florence Boots and they come in two colors: black and camel.

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