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This post is sponsored by General Mills, but the thoughts and words are my own.

Are you ready to fill your table with Easter deliciousness this season? Thanks to General Mills, we have some awesome treats planned on Easter Day.

Our plan starts off with a fun breakfast that includes our traditional bunny pancakes! This year, we’re excited to switch things up for lunch. On the menu, we’ll be preparing some easy and delicious Pillsbury™ mini chicken pot pies, paired with some scrumptious Annie’s Mac and Cheese.

Of course, my daughter’s favorite part is the dessert! This year, we’re making some adorable Betty Crocker™ cupcakes with a cute nest and egg candy decor. My four-year-old seems to have taken an interest in cooking and baking, starting at the age of 2. She knows exactly where the mixing bowls, whisks and even spices are in the kitchen, and she commands the space like a junior chef. Maybe one day she’ll be Master Chef!

General Mills

Easter time can be overwhelming. Much like any holiday, there is so much planning involved. Between the decor and the food and Easter bunny baskets, it can be a lot to manage.

That’s why I try to plan ahead! I plan our meals in advance on holidays so we can be sure we have everything we need the day of and aren’t scrambling around trying to come up with a menu.

I wanted to share with you our meal plan we have this year for Easter, which we prepared some portions so you could be inspired. I hope you find it helpful and maybe you’ll even be do the same for your family.

General Mills General Mills


For the Pillsbury™ mini chicken pot pies, we followed their recipe, available on the Pillsbury™ website. It was so easy to follow, just a few simple steps and the end-result is great!

We were very pleased with the way they turned out; the buttery and flaky pie crusts were so delicious. My favorite part about these chicken pot pies is they are just the perfect portion size for kids.

We paired our pies with cheesy deliciousness by Annie’s Mac and Cheese, a staple in our home and possibly one of my daughter’s favorite foods. Cheese has been her obsession ever since she started eating it!

General MillsGeneral MillsGeneral MillsGeneral Mills


On Easter, we always bake a ham and prepare plenty of healthy sides, like vegetables, fruits and baked goods, for a wholesome meal.


For dessert this year, we chose Betty Crocker white cake mix and made the cutest Easter-themed cupcakes. Topped with Betty Crocker™ DunkAroos Vanilla Icing Frosting with Rainbow Sprinkles, these cupcakes are not only super cute, but very tasty!

We gathered the ingredients and followed the easy directions printed on the back of the box.

General MillsGeneral MillsGeneral MillsGeneral Mills

We are so excited for Easter in just a few short weeks! As you can see, we have our menu planned and are excited to share them with our family. Be sure to head to your nearest Walmart so you can try them with your family too!

Cooking and baking for the holidays is so important to our family and our kids love to be involved. My daughters love helping to add ingredients and mix everything. We even use baking as a way to make things educational by talking about measurements and fractions.
General Mills General MillsThank you General Mills for helping to make our traditions so memorable!
Leave a comment below and let me know what menu items you have planned with your family this Easter! I can’t wait to see them!

Have a Blessed Easter Season!

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