Hubble Hugo Baby Monitor Review

by brandiann

Sleep – it’s not something you get very much of when you have young kids. I recently welcomed my second child and I’m back to frequent nursings and night wakings. So much for beauty sleep. If you’re a parent of a small child you know the day-to-day worries. Did they eat enough? Sleep enough? Are they hitting their milestones on time?

One of my greatest worries when I first became a parent was night time sleeping. You hear horror stories of SIDS and I became paranoid, checking on her every few minutes. Technology has come a long way and I’m pleased to have found the Hubble Hugo Baby Monitor. This product makes taking care of my children easier, convenient and safe.

HubbleHugoBabyMonitorAbout Hubble Hugo Baby Monitor

The Hubble Hugo Baby Monitor has all the bells and whistles. Hugo is the world’s first Smart Camera to be launched combining intelligent voice communication and video home monitoring. Certified by Amazon “Alexa built-in”, Hugo responds to your commands when spoken to. Hugo can take quality photos and record videos with 32GB memory extension. Mimicking a motorized eyelid, the camera can either capture your movements or close for privacy protection.

Decked out with a 1080p HD camera and full 360-degree field of vision, it also comes stocked with two-way audio and built-in full voice-activated Alexa capabilities. The Hugo app allows you to live-stream, so your able to keep a watchful eye while also getting things done.



Our Opinion

The Hubble Hugo monitor has been a life saver in our home. With two kids around its hard to keep constant supervision on both of them and the camera allows me to do just that. Whether they are sleeping or awake and playing, if I leave the room at any point, I’m able to still see what they’re doing.

Now when my newborn is napping in her crib, I am able to spend quality time with my older child without interruption. Prior to owning the Hugo Hubble, I would have to leave the eldest child to frequently check on the baby. Now I can keep a watch with an app on my smart phone and story time can continue without skipping a beat.

The 270-degree field of vision allows me to pan the room when my eldest child moves around so I’m able to see her no matter where she is in the space. The two-way ability lets me talk to my children without having to yell across the house, especially helpful when I’m preparing dinner.

Hubble Hugo has brought me peace of mind and I’m blown away by all of its capabilities. Hugo helps streamline your personal routine and workflow. From setting alarms to playing music, Amazon Alexa powers up productivity and is a helpful parent companion.

As your child grows, Hugo can grow with them, using Alexa to access a variety of kids skills sets and entertainment including age-appropriate stories, games and music. With facial-tracking capabilities, Hugo can take photos or videos and can also capture the best shot for you – amazing!

All in all, we are blown away by this device. The peace of mind it brings me is priceless. You certainly won’t be disappointed!

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Disclaimer:  I was given the products in this post for the purpose of a review. I was not paid in any way to write this review. All opinions are my own.

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