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When I became a mother, I didn’t know just how much was involved, especially when it comes to leaving the house. There’s so much you need!!!! Where to begin? Diapers, blankets, wipes, more diapers, toys, books; did I mention diapers?

As a new mother it’s very difficult to navigate the waters of motherhood. There are lots of unknowns. There is definitely an adjustment period. It’s too bad motherhood doesn’t come with a manual. It only took me leaving the house with my newborn once, without a back up outfit, to realize I would never be forgetting one again. Hello, Blowout. And hello unprepared new mom.

The key to perfecting this motherhood thing is to be well-equipped. There will always be unforeseen circumstances that arise; spit-ups, fussy baby etc., but having what you need, when you need it, is essential.

I was so excited when the GillyGro owner, Suphy, approached me to provide an honest review of her new prototype backpack, launching on Kickstarter. This bag has the typical storage compartments one may see on a standard diaper bag/backpack with one MAJOR addition, a portable high chair/booster seat. Talk about convenient and innovative!

This is a sponsored post, but the content is based on my honest opinion. This page may contain affiliate links.

About GillyGro

GillyGro started from a core team of three moms with a passion for creating products that help make lives easier, they developed the GillyGro backpack, an all-in-one bag for the busy family.

Suphy, the founder and designer, is a current full-time Amazon Prime seller with more than 20+ year experience as a Performance Effectiveness Consultant.

Her product designer and photographer, Ericka, worked with Tesla as a project manager for Suphy for many years where they met and became good friends. Ericka is passionate about creating innovative designs.

Carolyn, the copywriter and third member of the GillyGro team, has 12+ years experience as a special education teacher and now is a stay-at-home mother to two boys.

“GillyGro is a children’s product brand. Our mission is to simplify the early years of parenthood with products that allow moms and dads to enjoy time with their precious little ones without some of the stresses that go along with it.”

Gillygro backpackKey Features

Introducing GillyGro’s 5-in-1 stylish and comfortable backpack that consists of a built-in high chair, a diaper changing station, a picnic or activity mat, a napping spot, and many storage compartments.

The GillyGro backpack really has all the bells and whistles with compartments that allow parents to have everything needed for a day out with the kids.

When you open the front flap, you will see that it’s held shut with two strong magnets hidden beneath the fabric instead of snaps. A zippered pocket is hidden underneath the front flat, which is the perfect place to store go-to essentials: phone, keys, sanitizer, chapstick, nail file, clippers etc.

Gillygro backpack

Gillygro backpack

The high chair area is below the front flap with two zippers that pull down. There is a hard plastic shell inside the backpack that supports your child’s weight up to 55 lbs. Moreover, it ensures the firm form of the backpack. To set up your seat, simply flip your bag to set up on a chair. Once placed on the chair, you’ll see the buckle straps that fasten to the chair, the top buckle for the back of the chair and one for the seat of the chair (which goes underneath). Within the booster seat itself, you’ll find a five point harness – chest buckle and lap buckles to secure your child safely into their seat. This built-in dining booster seat is a convenient way for parents to have a safe place for their child to eat, germ-free.

Gillygro backpack The GillyGro backpack also comes with a large, detachable mat that can be used for changing, napping, or playing, with mesh pockets for storing anything from snacks to books or diapers.

Gillygro backpack Deep side pockets are easily accessible for wipes and drinks. One side pocket is insulated and the other one has an opening that helps you easily grab a wipe when changing your little one.

Gillygro backpack Gillygro backpack

Gillygro backpack Gillygro backpack

Overall Thoughts

After testing and reviewing this backpack, I am blown away at the careful thought put into the design. With large storage compartments, I am able to pack everything I need for a day out with my kids.

One thing I had overlooked is BYOB – bring your own booster! GillyGro allows you to be organized and efficient and look stylish at the same time.

GillyGro aims to simplify the early years of parenthood with products that allow parents to enjoy time with their children without some of the stresses that go along with it.

I encourage you to support GillyGro backpack and click the link below to get a bag for you or a loved one.

Gillygro backpack

Order your Bag!

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Disclaimer:  I was given items in this post for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own as always, and I would only recommend products I would use myself.

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