Five Free Activities to do for Family Fun

by brandiann

Put the phone down. They’re not little forever. The Facebook drama will always be there. Your attentive children won’t.

Being a stay at home parent has its perks . You can structure your day as you please. You don’t have to answer to the big boss.  The trade off is you turn in your adult boss for a 4 ft one. I don’t say this because we must listen to our kids and do as they ask, but to some degree you do.

Our routine happens to be breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner, bath and bed. We try and mix up the daily activities with indoor and outdoor fun!

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Here are Five Free Activities for some Extra Family Fun!


boardgamesPhoto Credit:  Suzy Hazelwood

Nothing brings families closer together than some good old fashioned board gaming! Gather the family together for a day or night of fun with some classic board games!

libraryPhoto Credit: RODNAE Productions

Head to your local library to participate in some events or grab some books, most libraries let you check out up to 50 at a time. Before you go be sure to check out their website to see when they are hosting free events for kids. Often there are story times and group activities libraries will sponsor with no charge.

Some of our favorite ones to check out are Find it Books. “Where’s Waldo” is a great one! These books can be fun games as they help children exercise their minds while also being fun.


state parkOne of the best kept secrets I recently discovered at my library is that you can check out State Park passes! This may not be true for all libraries, but it’s worth looking into! Our local library allows you to check out a pass that works for ALL State Parks in the state.


scavenger huntPhoto Credit: Eren Li

Scavenger Hunts can be fun for all ages, even adults can enjoy this type of family activity. You can make up your own list of items to hunt for or find a pre-made list. The link below is a great resource that includes 30 Hunt Ideas!


If you have chalk at home, there are so many fun activities you can do!

  • Make a race track: Make your own city and roads using chalk! Kids will love to follow the roads around the driveway.
  • Shadow Art: Go outside in the morning, noon and in the afternoon and trace your shadows. Not only is this fun, but also educational. Tracing your shadows at different times of the day lets you children visual see how the sun moves and transforms the shadows on the ground.
  • Hopscotch: Draw your grid from 1-10 and grab a pebble!hopscotch

Don’t know how to play?

Here are the Rules:

Each player tosses a small object (typically a rock) inside one of the squares on the hopscotch grid, then hops from square to square, hopping over the square with their rock in it. The goal of each player is to hop all the way down to the end and back without the other foot touching the ground.

I hope you enjoyed the list of family activities and it helped bring you closer to your family. There is that wise old saying that money doesn’t but happiness. The cost of quality family time is FREE! Don’t forget that!

Hope you had fun!

What is one of your favorite family memories?

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