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GiftWell, Modern Gifting App Review 

One thing everyone has in common is a birthday. We were all born on a special day! In addition, there are many other occasions and milestones we celebrate throughout the course of our lives. With those special times come lots of gifts and gift accessories; boxes, wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift bags, ribbon, tape, cards and envelopes. What if we didn’t have all of that extra stuff, but still had the awesome gift? Just think of all the stuff we throw away and – how wasteful that is. Is it really necessary? With the GiftWell app, you’re able to leave a personalized message and gift money! Easy peasy!

Disclaimer:  I was given the products in this post for the purpose of a review. Compensation for this post was provided and all opinions are my own.

I know as a child I enjoyed opening a present, but there were so many times Aunt Sally got me that unsightly sweater that was three times too big. Of course it’s the thought that counts, but now  not only did I have a gift that didn’t fit, but I had an errand to run. I had return the and get the right size. This could have all been avoided had Aunt Sally used the GiftWell app. I could have picked the color and correct-sized outfit myself. Is there anything better than receiving money? I think not. You can buy what you like! 

What is GiftWell?

GiftWell is an electronic wishing well app that enables your guests to easily contribute monetary gifts in one spot, for any type of occasion. The event host sets up a campaign within the app! This saves the gift-giver the headache of shopping and guessing what the recipient would want.


Four Easy Steps to Get Started!

For the purpose of the review, I set up a campaign for my daughters birthday!

Step 1 – Create Event and Receive Code

Download the free GiftWell app and create your event. You will then receive a unique event ID you can share with your guests.

Step 2 – Tell your guests about GiftWell

Provide your unique event GiftWell ID when you send out your invitations.

Step 3 – Guests Give

The guests will need to download the free GiftWell app. Afterwards, your guests can easily find your campaign to give money securely via Stripe. Guests will also be able to leave a personalized message for the recipient.

Step 4 – Funds are transferred to the host

Within two business days of the event, the lump sum will be transferred into the event host’s account. The recipient will also be able to view all the special messages.


Our Opinion

I was impressed by the idea behind this app. An app that gathers all your monetary gifts into one spot is genius. I’ve attended my fair-share of weddings. Traditionally, you see a birdcage or box of some type, a wishing well, where guests bring cards and gift the happy couple with a monetary gift inside an envelope. One wedding I attended had their wedding envelopes stolen.

The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is a thief, but unfortunately it happens. Not only do you have to monitor the security of the wishing well, but you also inconvenience your guests by forcing them to make an extra trip to the ATM. For those of us that procrastinate, this means stopping to buy a card and grab cash on the way to the wedding.

With the GiftWell app, you gift smarter. No one wants to ask for money and this app handles the societal taboo with ease. Since the app covers any type of event, you’re able to use it for any function and safely and conveniently raise the funds in one place. It’s not only smarter gifting, but it adds a heap of convenience to both host and recipient.


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Have you ever done a wishing well?


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