Comfortex: Setting the Bar for Window Treatments

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Buying New Blinds: A Cellular Blind Review

When my husband and I purchased our home back in 2014, I looked at him and thought he was crazy… seven sliding doors!!! I thought they were beautiful, but at the same time I grew slightly anxious about the lack of privacy.

After purchasing a home, it takes time to settle in and make it look cozy. We have lived in our house almost 5 years and we’re still adding decorations and continuing to make improvements, one of those includes hanging window treatments.

Since then we have welcomed our daughter and the way we view our interiors is much different. The primary focus with a toddler in the home is safety, as well as privacy. Remember how I said we have seven sliding doors and lots of windows? That makes childproofing a challenge.

We’re in the process of combining our daughter’s playroom with a photo studio, as my husband and I are both passionate about photography. With all the sliding doors and windows, it’s the perfect room for lighting, but with natural lighting comes a lack of privacy without blinds or curtains. That’s where we needed help.

Where to Begin

I knew it was going to be a daunting task trying to figure out which direction to go. There are so many options, and where do you start? That’s when I came across a company called Comfortex. They offer many different options, including: cellular, roman, roller or standard blinds.

Comfortex_before10 Comfortex_before9

Once I did my research on the pros and cons of the different blinds/shades I chose to go with cellular. This decision was made primarily because of the safety features behind them. They’re cordless making it safe for your little ones. You would actually be surprised at how many people don’t consider the dangers of blind cords when baby proofing their home.

In fact, between 1990 and 2015, more than 16,000 children in the US were treated in emergency departments for injuries caused by window blinds an average of almost two children every day, according to a study published in Pediatrics. Although most of those children (93 percent) weren’t seriously injured, 271 children died during that time. This number is baffling and I don’t take these figures lightly. You shouldn’t either!


Once we chose the style of blinds,  we then had to determine a color. Comfortex has a program called COLOR LUX® that has over 800 colors to choose from. The website is equipped with a design tool, making it a breeze to pick and choose: colors, styles and even patterns, all while having a visual representation.  The color system even has the ability to match the color of your walls within the design tool which I think is such a great feature.

So Many Options with Comfortex

Once your decisions have been made, Comfortex provides easy instructions on how to measure your windows or doors to allow for a perfect fit. After our measurements were submitted, it took a few short weeks for our custom blinds to arrive. I was completely blown away by the quality. The cellular shades feature a beehive weave and the material used is very nice! We went with the 848 Prairie Dust. The neutral didn’t take away from the wall color and complemented it very nicely.

Next it was installation time. That’s where I needed my handy husband to help with this part; I don’t get along very well with a hammer (says my fingers)!

Once we got our shades up I noticed a significant temperature difference. This room happened to be the coolest in the winter and warmest in the summer. Not only has it made an improvement on the harsh sun flares around the room, but it also helps with temperature control. I call that a win-win!

Our Opinion

All in all, we’re thrilled with the cellular shades Comfortex offers. Not only is the quality impressive, but the ability to choose from over 800 colors is fantastic. We went with a neutral color to complement our blue walls and vibrant crimson accent decorations. Another great feature of cellular shades is their ability to disappear.  They have a very small ‘stack,’ which I love!

Best of all, we now have peace of mind knowing we’ve installed a product that poses no risk to our inquisitive and exploring daughter. These shades certainly get mommy’s stamp of approval!

Check out our before & after photos!


After (Shades Drawn)


After (Opened Halfway)


After (Shades Fully Open)

Comfortex_after5 Comfortex_after3

Where Can I Buy It?

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What are your favorite Window Treatments for your home?


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