“When I Was a Child, I Was Always Afraid” Book Review

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We were kindly gifted the book “When I Was a Child, I Was Always Afraid” by author Michael Cascio. In this story, a boy is afraid of many things, and with his father’s help he is able conquer his fears. The book is full of vibrant and beautifully drawn illustrations by Bentley Wong.

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Who’s the main character?

 The main character is a young boy – written in first person – the book never names him.

What’s “When I Was a Child, I Was Always Afraid” About?

The main theme of the book is overcoming your fears. In the beginning of the book, the boy was afraid of so many things: attics and basements, noises under his bed, the tree outside his window, the wind, thunder and lightening. With the help of his father, he is able to conquer those fears. His dad walks him through each thing he’s afraid of and shows him how to overcome what scares him.

First, the father shows him the attic. The boy sees there’s nothing up there but a bunch of boxes. Then he takes him down to the basement. They end up playing some video games together, he see its not scary after all. Under his bed, his dad shows him that he just has some lost toys under there. Next, the dad takes the little boy outside to the “scary tree”. He realizes that the tree seems kind and the wind actually carries the birds as they sing their beautiful tunes. Lastly, his dad tells him next time it’s a stormy night, to picture stars and angels playing bumper cars – and thats the noise and flashes of light!

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What age is this book for?

This book is written for children ages 4 – 8 years old.

Our Opinion…

Although the book is written for older children, my daughter, just over one year old, loved the colorful and vibrant illustrations throughout the book. The rhyming words flowed nicely and were able to hold her attention.

We loved the theme of conquering your fears. It’s a lesson so important for all children of all ages to learn, especially at bed time. We all have fears and often we don’t take the time to conquer them. With the help of his dad, he was able to make sense of his fears and overcome them, and I think that’s a valuable lesson! I would definitely recommend this book!

When I was a small child book

About the Author

Michael Cascio was born in Bushwick NY to Italian immigrant parents and is a graduate of Baruch College. Michael developed a love for poetry at an early age and often writes as a hobby. This book was inspired from the lessons he learned from his dad and those he has tried to pass on to his children. He currently lives in New Hyde Park, NY and is a partner in a CPA and Financial Planning firm.

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You can find out more about Michael Cascio and what inspired his book in these following articles: The Island Now and The Island Now.

Where Can I Get a Copy?

You can purchase When I Was a Child, I Was Always Afraid hardcover book, for just $12.04 on Amazon

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free copy of “When I Was a Child, I Was Always Afraid ” in exchange for an honest review on my blog. All photos are copyright to either MommaReview.com or Michael Cascio. All views in this review are 100% my own. This page contains affiliate links.


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