Baby Moon

by brandiann
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Baby moon!

We’ve all heard of it right! Wrong.

I didn’t even know what a Baby moon was until I was actually celebrating it!

The weekend of October 10, 2016… we had it all planned, room booked, activities and itineraries in place to celebrate our first wedding anniversary! Mother Nature has a funny sense of humor. Hurricane Matthew barreled towards the Eastern Coast and thus we had to cancel our weekend festivities.

Luckily we were able to move it to another weekend. Just a month out of our due date! We packed our bags and headed to the Inn at Middleton Place down in North Charleston, SC.

baby moon_placeThe rooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows allowing you to enjoy the views of the woodland setting, with sweeping views over the meandering Ashley River, where the rice plantation culture flourished more than 200 years ago.

We were ready for an awesome weekend – the mosquitoes were ready to feast on us! I’ve honestly never seen so many in my life! If you decide to travel here after massive amounts of rain prepare for it!

A little history on Magnolia

Once we got all checked in we unpacked and left the plantation to head over to Magnolia Gardens for the day with our two furry babies. Soon we’d be a family of 5!

Founded in 1676 by the Drayton family, Magnolia Plantation has survived the centuries and witnessed the history of our nation unfold before it from the American Revolution through the Civil War and beyond.

It stands today as the oldest public gardens in America! Walking trails adorned with gorgeous flowers, a petting zoo and free range peacocks are just a taste of what you’ll experience at this beautiful piece of history.

Did I mention it’s pet friendly?!

baby moon_flower baby moon_butterflybaby moon_peacockbaby moon_armadillo

We saw an armadillo while walking the gardens!! It was so bizarre!

FUN FACT: Armadillos are one of the only known animals to carry leprosy, an age-old disease that causes skin and nerve damage.

My doggie, Monet, loved this place <3

baby moon_pup

After a beautiful day perusing the gardens that followed the Ashley river we headed back to the compound for the night.

The next day we woke to a light mist on the grounds and a stunning sunrise. We left the fur babies behind in their comfy cabana and explored the surroundings. Much like the Magnolia Gardens, Middleton Place has gardens with views of the Ashley River.

baby moon_mist

What sets Middleton apart is the impressive statue collection.

Beautifully crafted and exquisite hand carved marble and granite statutes are at every turn. The trees that expand the grounds are so amazing, they are massive and covered in moss!

After hours of meandering the nature trails we headed back to the room to get ready for dinner.

baby moon_baby moon_treebaby moon_mom

Our last day I decided we’d head over to the animals before checking out and heading home. Middleton Place is almost like it’s own little city with daily activities and events.

The most random thing from our trip was the herd of sheep wandering around.

baby moon_sheepjpg

We headed over to the Stableyards and got a chance to see some animals referred to as “Heritage Breeds”. They represent the types of animals that would have been found on a plantation like this at one time or another. Also, there was a Blacksmith at work.

It was pretty amazing to watch!

baby moon_blacksmith

After spending some time “Going Back in Time” we checked out the Calendar of Events going on for the morning.

One in particular stood out…

On the Calendar for the day was a chance to milk a cow.

I thought to myself, I’m about to “be a cow” and produce milk for my baby calf lol.

I need to be one with this cow. LOL

I have to admit I was a bit freaked out, the staff lubed up the nipple so the cow was comfortable and it grossed me out lol!

But hey – my husband was a good sport and he did it too! We both got…

“I milked a cow at Middleton Place” stickers for a keepsake.

baby moon_cowbaby moon_milk baby moon_milk2

Things to pack:


Make sure you capture all the memories from your trip. This is the camera I used.

Bug Spray

Like I said the mosquitoes were insane. With Zika around, protect yourself!


Always a good idea to take this on any trip.

Water Bottle

Any pregnant women knows the last trimester is the most tiring, could it be from all that extra weight??!! Be sure to stay hydrated ladies!!


Comfy Shoes

Goes without saying – keep your pregnant piggies happy. There is enough weight on your feet to try and dress for cute instead of comfort!

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Did you go on a Baby Moon? I would love to hear about it!! Tell me in the comments 🙂


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