An Augmented Reality : Shifu Orboot Review

by brandiann

A Trip Around the World

Augmented-Reality – Have you heard of it? It’s cutting-edge technology that super imposes a new reality via live-view on a mobile device. I was recently introduced to a toy that does just that and its called the Shifu Orboot! I have made it a top priority to find both fun and educational toys for my daughter to play with and I believe Shifu Orboot fits the bill.

It’s so much fun watching my daughter discover the world around her. I try and make it easier for her by providing creative ways to learn. People learn in many different ways. I’m what you would call a visual or spatial learner, but some people may be aural (auditory-musical), verbal (linguistic) or even a physical (kinesthetic) learner. What’s great about the Shifu Orboot is that it touches on pretty much all of these learning styles, providing something for everyone!


What is Shifu Orboot?

Shifu Orboot is a 10″ inch Augmented-Reality globe that allows your child to absorb endless amounts of knowledge and “travel the globe” with a tap of a finger! Using an iPad or smart phone, your child will explore the countries and cultures found all across the world. There are six categories to choose from and over 400+ highlights and 1000+ facts to learn about!

This one-of-a-kind globe is your child’s ticket to travel the world, making learning by fun using 3D highlights, information, and interactive exercises. Packed with puzzles and quizzes based on every region of the globe, your child will become a budding adventurer after playing with this toy!

What’s in the box?

  • 10″ custom Globe (No borders or names on globe)
  • Stamp guide
  • Passport
  • Country flag stickers
  • Comprehensive help guide

orboot1 orboot3 orboot4

What age is this for?

This educational, Augmented-Reality Globe is geared for boys & girls ages 4 to 10 years old. The app has easy, medium and hard settings that allow you to set the level of learning appropriately for your child. It’s great that your child can use this globe for years and years of learning benefits.

How to use it

how to use(Image source: Orboots website)

Our Opinion

Since my daughter is a few years shy of the recommended age for this product, I based my review on my four-year-old nephew’s interaction and opinions. When we opened it out of the box, John was thrilled to see all the different animals and monuments on the globe. We downloaded the app and loaded the different categories (this did take about 15 minutes or so).

Once the categories were downloaded it was time to play! John grabbed the iPad and matched up the star outline on the iPad to the star on the globe. Animals from the various regions appeared in the iPad in 3D – it was really amazing! John’s favorite part was finding the different animals and seeing what foods they liked to eat. All in all, he really enjoyed the Shifu Orboot and after he went home, he called to say he was excited to play with it again. I say this products is not only Mom – but also Kid Approved!

Lastly, I did have a chance to browse some of the other functionalities of the Orboot and realized there were areas that were too advanced for John. I can see how this product has a wide age recommendation.

Where can I buy it?

You can purchase the Orboot Shifu by CLICKING HERE

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Lori Cook April 24, 2019 - 10:52 pm

I noticed on another review of this product, there was a repeated typo. The word artifact was spelled artefact in 3 areas that were visible in the review. It was a section on the Taj Mahal. I’m curious if you noticed this or any other incorrect words or information. I am looking to order this product, but am wondering about its accuracy. I have not yet contacted the manufacturer. Thank you!

brandiann May 1, 2019 - 2:57 pm

That’s odd, I hadn’t noticed that!


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