Ameo Life’s Silver-infused Skin Products That Are Safe and Gentle

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Ameo Life Silver Gel

Ameo Life, a company that offers silver-infused products that are non-toxic and natural, has created skin gels that work in harmony with the delicate pH balance of your skin.

Designed to naturally support health and wellness, Ameo Life’s unique line of soaps, solutions, lozenges, cleansers and moisturizers are ideally formulated with ppm silver and are all free of toxins, fillers and preservatives.

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For centuries, silver has been used in a variety of medical applications for its antibacterial properties. From eye drops to skin salves, this naturally occurring metal has been touted for its supportive ability to enhance immune function and treat infections. Some studies have shown silver-based applications can help with bed sores, diabetic ulcers, and other adverse skin conditions. It’s also used to fight inflammation and soothe irritated skin.

Ameo Life produces all its products in certified GMP facilities to meet or exceed all guidelines of the Dietary Supplement & Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA Act). You can use Ameo Life products, including its facial gels, knowing all of the USA-made products are third-party independently tested and manufactured to the highest possible standards.

Silver-infused gels

Extra Strength Silver Gel

Ameo Life’s Extra Strength Silver Gel ($37.95/3.38 oz) is formulated to match the delicate pH balance of your skin. It’s infused with 35 ppm pH balanced silver and is absorbed quickly and easily into the skin.

The gel is light and glides smoothly across the skin. Within minutes, your skin feels refreshed and rejuvenated. The gel also provides relief for bug bites, burns, scrapes and minor cuts. Odorless, clear, non-sticky and sting free, the Extra Strength Silver gel contains no fillers or toxins and it’s alcohol-free, so it won’t dry out your skin.

Ameo Life Silver GelSome products can feel heavy and greasy when applied. Ameo Life, however, avoids the use of petroleum-based ingredients, so its silver gels feel light and airy when applied to the skin. It’s safe for use on all skin types and in other areas of the body.

  • Naturally Support the skin
  • 35 ppm Silver
  • pH balanced
  • Safe and Effective
Extra Strength Silver Gel

Ameo Life Silver GelAmeo Life’s Silver Infused Gel with Aloe ($37.95/3.38 oz) provides soothing and rejuvenating relief for not just your face but other areas of your body, including sensitive areas. Aloe is a natural fit for a premium gel as it contains antioxidants, enzymes, Vitamins A and C. When combined with the power of silver, this fast-absorbing gel is designed to deliver a refreshing feeling to your skin.

Infused with 35 ppm silver as well as aloe vera, the gel is non-toxic and naturally supports the skin without fillers or preservatives. Safe for use on minor cuts, scrapes, burns and bug bites, Silver Gel with Aloe has calming and soothing properties that promote healing. It too is clear, odorless, sting free and non-sticky and it can be applied two to three times a day.

Formulated to match the natural pH balance of your skin, Silver Gel with Aloe is devoid of harsh chemicals like some that might be too acidic and cause cracking or drying. Instead, Ameo Life has created a topical product that sooths, moisturizes and rejuvenates. It’s safe for all skin types and for use on all areas of the body.

    • Naturally Support the skin
    • 30 ppm Silver
    • pH balanced
    • Aloe Vera Infused


What we thought

After trying both products separately and at different times, we were pleased with how natural and light the gel felt on the face. Application was easy and non-greasy plus we were grateful to find there were no concerns with staining of clothing or linens.

The Silver Gel with Aloe was used on a couple of spots on the arm that were irritated from either a bug bite or contact with another irritant. After just three days of use, the product successfully calmed the skin irritation and provided itch relief where another popular itch cream that had been tried failed to do so after three days of previous use.

Ameo Life’s products, including its silver-infused gels, have been both impressive and effective. We appreciate the company’s use of natural and organic ingredients since we are adamant and vigilant about trying to only use non-toxic products in our family. Ameo Life makes it easy for us to maintain health and wellness naturally and safely, giving us peace of mind.



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