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Silver-based health and wellness products are all the rage as consumers seek natural remedies for a host of common ailments like sinusitis, inflammation, bronchitis, and psoriasis.

Silver has been acclaimed for its ability to fight bacteria, viruses, and skin infections, as well as, reduce inflammation. Finding a resource for silver-based products you can trust and depend on can be a challenge, as companies vie for a niche in the market. It’s like trekking through a maze with the amount of information and options available online and in the marketplace.

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Ameo Life

Ameo Life has produced a line of products families can rely on to enhance their health and wellness. Designed to support the body using only the finest natural ingredients free of toxins, fillers and preservatives, the products were created using natural formations.

“We stand on the foundation that you have the right to choose natural products to compliment your health,” Ameo Life states. “We provide you with the best information that is backed by science and decades of research with a passion for understanding the human body. As a free individual, you personally have the freedom to choose your best course of action to maintain your health and wellness.”

“We stand on the foundation that you have the right to choose natural products to compliment your health,” Ameo Life states.

The company has made a commitment to meet or exceed all levels of regulatory compliance and produces all of its products in certified GMP facilities in adherence with the Dietary Supplement & Education Act of 1994. Furthermore, the company says all its “products are third-party independently tested and manufactured to the highest possible standards.”

Product Preview

Silver works as a natural remedy and should be taken in conjunction with probiotics to maintain the proper microflora balance in the body. The mineral possesses antibacterial properties which can upset the natural balance. Ameo Life also offers a probiotic supplement.


Vitamins and Probiotics

The Patented Process Probiotic supplement ($39.95) delivers the perfect balance of pre and probiotics to support the digestive system. It also supports weight control and promotes a healthy complexion.


Silver Liquid and Gels

In this line, you can find pH Balanced Alkaline Silver Solution ($44.95), Extra Strength Silver Gel ($34.95), pH Balanced Alkaline Silver Solution (1 Gallon) ($299.95), Silver Infused Gel with Aloe ($34.95), Silver Mint Mouthwash ($19.95), Fresh Breath Spray ($8.95) and a 3 Bottle Applicator Set ($12.95). The silver-based wellness products are designed to support a healthy digestive system, offer immune system support, naturally cleanse the gut, support the skin and freshen breath.


Silver Infused Soaps

Ameo Life offers five different soaps, each infused with essential oils and formulated with 30 ppm silver. Options include Organic Lavender Silver, Charcoal Tea Tree, Lemongrass Silver, Oatmeal Spice Silver and Peppermint Silver. Each soap is designed to naturally clean the skin and are toxin- and paraben-free. The soaps cost $12.95 per 4 oz bar.


Silver Infused Lozenges

Choose from a variety of throat-soothing lozenges, including Ginger Spice Silver, Green Apple, Honey Lemon, Sugar Free Lemon, Sweet Menthol, Tropical Orange, Wild Cherry and a Variety Pack, available in 20 ($9.95), 40 ($19.95) and 100 ($44.95) count packs. The lozenges pack a ton of natural flavor, contain 30 ppm silver and support natural health.

Ameo Life’s promise

The company vows to deliver products that are gluten, vegan and dairy friendly, GMP-certified, GMO-free and made in the USA.

Stay tuned for a closer look at Ameo Life’s line of products

In the coming months, Momma Review will provide a more in-depth look at each of the company’s products. We’ll let you know how each performs, what we think about it and offer details about what each are expected to deliver.

Check back next month as we dig deeper into one of the company’s top sellers!


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